Order-No.: ZKS2075

ZAKK ® Beauty

ZAKK ® Beauty

Self-curing provisional, temporary cement with light-curing option (dual-cure)

• shade esthetic translucent
• in KwikkMix ®-system 4:1 -
• light-cure and self-curing
• based on ZnO/CaO, dimethacrylate and organic acids
• non-eugenol (NE) and free of Triclosan
• polymerizes to an elastic cement
• very good removability
• excellent esthetic translucent appearance
• usable as Try-In- and Test cement for definite restorations
• optimal marginal seal without wash-out effects
• working time < 2 min 30 s
• light-polymerisation time ~ 20 s
• self-curing, intraoral time > 4 min

• 1 double chamber syringe à 5 ml + 10 MIXING CANNULA MPN 2

Order-No.: ZKS2075
Packaging Unit: Stück
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Order-No.: MIK1046

FANTESTIC ® MIXING CANNULA MPN 2 (4:1, br/rd 12 coils sharp)

Packaging Unit: 0 Stück
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Order-No.: FOS3970


Packaging Unit: 1 Stück
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